Hobart v Adelaide - Boyce Most Economical Bowler

BBL - 06 Jan 08:00

"At least 2 points too big.. "

STAKE: 20    TOTAL BETS: 69.55
7 @

Original Odds
Wed 4th Jan 22:09

Updated Odds
  • This is a knee jerk reaction in the extreme by the bookies.

    Although Broad went at 4s in the last game he went at over 9s in the 3 games before that, and he has to bowl to up front and at the end.

    Dan Christan hadn't bowled before his 5/17 in the last game, but that doesn't change the fact he goes at 8.24 in over 200 games.

    Laughlin goes at 7.67 and is specialist end of innings bowler.

    Stanlake goes at 6.75 but only over 6 matches, as an opening bowler that will rise

    Jordan goes at 8.74 and 10s in last game.

    Boyce only bowled 1 over in the last game, which would have been a void. He has lost out in this market twice by 1 run, at much shorter prices than this.

    I expect him to return to his middle overs role in the next game.

    At least 2 points too big.


I will have a look
DRS   said on  Thursday 5th January 17:33
just done some digging re the max stakes debate. I have made 42 max stakes bets since the system came in, 7 loss 4 NR 31 wins. +878.55 - 77% ROI.
DRS   said on  Thursday 5th January 17:30
Unbelievable stat. Any ideas on the New Zealand 20/20 or are you sticking with the big bash?
Paulostubbsio   said on  Thursday 5th January 17:23
+247 in this market so far in the BBL, 95% + ROI.
DRS   said on  Thursday 5th January 17:13

Bets Placed


Patrick bet £2.50 on this tip.

Odds: 7.00    

SlugForAButt bet £20.00 on this tip.

Odds: 6.00    

HunterUk bet £20.00 on this tip.

Odds: 7.00    

Simon bet £20.00 on this tip.

Odds: 7.00    
Andrew Landry

Andrew Landry bet £2.05 on this tip.

Odds: 7.00    

CJ bet £5.00 on this tip.

Odds: 7.00    
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