Sri Lanka v South Africa - Philander top SA bowler

Test Match - 12 Jan 08:00

"He takes his wickets at 18 at home in the first innings. 51 in 20 games. "

STAKE: 20    TOTAL BETS: 115
5 @

Original Odds
Sat 7th Jan 21:54
3.4 @

Updated Odds
Sat 7th Jan 22:25
  • This is a value bet. He is 3.5 everywhere else, which is spot on right.

    Betfred have him at 5.0, I have no idea why. That is what's on oddschecker and the website.

    Philander has this 1/3 which would give a 50% ROI at these odds.

    He has 13 wickets in 2 games @14.

    He has 1 it once and tied in 2 games so far.

    He takes his wickets at 18 at home in the first innings. 51 in 20 games.

    What makes this an even better bet is no Abbot.

    Oliver takes his place hard to back a debutant.

    Rabada is the obvious threat, but he has never played a test at this ground.

    Spinner wont feature here.


point taken, Its difficult though, because value is the key to this, so your always looking out for big prices. Is annoying as you say it takes plenty of time to write tips and I have probably had 4-5 voided in the last month
DRS   said on  Sunday 8th January 11:06
Made the decision to void this before hitting the sack. Don't want to keep voiding your picks as I know a lot of effort goes into them but I'm convinced it's a bookie error. My advice is always think twice when you see such a big price and question whether it's likely an error.
Simon Linklater   said on  Saturday 7th January 23:14
Not sure that would make a genuine price get cut from 5.0 - 3.4. The fact Olivier was 3.0 & Philander 5.0 suggests to me it was an input error. Unless someone can convince me that could have been a genuine pricing mistake then it's going to be void. Yesterday I wanted to tip the Canucks at a best price of 2.22 but didn't as the next best was 1.95 making it appear like an obvious error. Encouraging punters to back bookie errors is a sure fire way of getting accounts suspended and then they will struggle to get on your future tips. So you can see why I am keen to stamp these out. If the odds seem too good to be true then 90% of the time it's a bookie error. Yes sometimes they will payout but then sometimes they will close accounts.
Simon Linklater   said on  Saturday 7th January 22:47
I think it was crashed by the £100 in one go, that would certainly flag it.
DRS   said on  Saturday 7th January 22:32
Hmmm. This one looks dodgy. They had Olivier priced at 3.0 when he's 4.5 everywhere else and Philander at 5.0 when he was 3.25 elsewhere. Anyone else think this is a bookie error? If left up I will certainly need to see a screenshot of a payout before it's settled as a winner. I'm leaning towards bookie error though.
Simon Linklater   said on  Saturday 7th January 22:28

Bets Placed

An Cearrbhach

An Cearrbhach bet £100.00 on this tip.

Odds: 5.00    
Chris Tyler

Chris Tyler bet £15.00 on this tip.

Odds: 5.00    
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