Querrey v Mahut 1st Set Tie Break

Atp Den Bosch - 11 Jun 10:00

"Huge odds offered by PaddyPower for this market... next close one is 2.30 from WilliamHill"

3.1 @

Original Odds
Fri 10th Jun 21:15

Updated Odds
  • Huge odds offered by PaddyPower for this market... next close one is 2.30 from WilliamHill.
    The only direct meeting ended 7-5 7-6 7-5.
    Both players are huge servers and both players know how to hold serve on grass (both love grass).
    Grass is the fastest surface and when two big servers meet you are there for a tie break at least.
    Huge mistake from PP and max stakes.


Pricing mistake void? This wasn't a pricing mistake... they've adjusted the price as the bets came in. And lets be honest every bet we take is because we seek value and we see value. Every bet we take is in our eyes a price mistake... I won't bet as long as I think the price isn't "broken" as I bet only on something that has x% chances of winning but the bookies give it lower chances (higher odds). I don't really care now if you consider again a void bet here... I think I have proven myself and my subscribers got the chance of betting on this bet at the stated price (and still have their accounts... as I do). But there will be always haters and I have nothing to do more.
Ardeal   said on  Saturday 11th June 19:56
Right decision to be void though considering it was a tip based on a pricing mistake which means accounts will be suspended/you'd get nothing worthwhile on.
Badger   said on  Saturday 11th June 18:03
I wrote this tip from my phone and it had the 3 key points, value (price), surface and recent results... it turned up to be a winner... I sent also a printscreen to Simon with the 21:18 time stamp... tip posted at 21:15.
Ardeal   said on  Saturday 11th June 17:57
Whoever managed to get anything on this can say goodbye to their paddy power accounts - not worth it!
Badger   said on  Saturday 11th June 12:57
Sorry, just *100£. Tip was posted from the phone. I cannot get more stats from my head. Someone got the price for sure too. If you think this isn't good enough void it.
Ardeal   said on  Friday 10th June 22:25
Moderator..After posting my comments, read Simon's comment. Looks like he's onto it.
AussieTrev   said on  Friday 10th June 22:18
Moderator...Tip void. I don't like having to void tips however the reason for this is: 1. This just looks like a rushed tip to get the great odds before they go & nothing in it supports why the 1st set. Your last 1st set tip (Karlovic v Sijsling)had some stats & supporting info for the 1st set, unlike this one. 2. Not practical to request a new tip with supporting info, odds gone & punters wouldn't be able to get original price. Your a great tipster, with fantastic recent results & I think this tip has a good chance of collecting. That aside, it's nowhere near your usual standard & if this one was let go, it would be an injustice to all other tipsters that are rejected with their tips that lack the required detail. Hope you can see the logic for rejecting this one.
AussieTrev   said on  Friday 10th June 22:16
Hi Ardeal, I sent you a msg on twitter regarding this tip. Cheers.
Simon Linklater   said on  Friday 10th June 22:15
Just the 200 I got. Still young account so not limited yet.
Ardeal   said on  Friday 10th June 22:13
2.25 now, I guess you had 500£ on this like you did with Muguruza?
Andrew Landry   said on  Friday 10th June 22:06

Bets Placed


JSRossi bet £15.00 on this tip.

Odds: 3.10    

James bet £50.00 on this tip.

Odds: 2.40    
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