Serena Williams v Garbine Muguruza

French Open WTA - 04 Jun 12:00

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1.63 @

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Fri 3rd Jun 23:06

Updated Odds
  • Williams is the number one in the world and arguably the best female player player of all time.
    She leads the H2H 3-1 against Muguruza.
    Serena has the capacity to win matches despite playing bad tennis because she can improve her level at important moments.
    This one is a sure bet for the Muguruza outright bet.
    Serena to win is the logical bet and when I took Muguruza I really hoped that Serena will lose.


Oddly, I missed out on a big Tank win a couple of months ago because I never got the email. At the time I put it down to human error and accidentally previously clicking the wrong link on the email, but now I suspect it was more likely one of these phantom unsubscriptions. I personally don't like the unsubscribe button on the email, its too easy for a Muppet like me to click accidentally.
Ross   said on  Saturday 4th June 19:28
Good luck Ardeal and may the best man win. Good tip and I was on so thanks!!
Tank   said on  Saturday 4th June 16:33
My brother has issues with unfollowing and puts it down to the unfollow button being too close in the email. I have nothing to do with the situation but I do struggle to see how this strategy is allowed. Don't get me wrong it's helped me out as its wasted 30 quid profit. But baring in mind the things k have been pulled up on in the past I think it's very very poor form. It's not sour grapes because like I said it has helped me out and quite frankly although I want to win the money doesn't bother me greatly. Clearly this can't be changed and I don't want it to be! If I had backed the winner and missed the serena tip and she had lost I would be annoyed
Tank   said on  Saturday 4th June 16:32
You have to be logged in when you click follow for it to work. My web developer did look at it and that's the only thing he could see causing a problem.
Simon Linklater   said on  Saturday 4th June 12:45
I've mysteriously unfollowed tipsters in the past too. I feel it is more reliable if I am logged in when I follow rather than just typing my email address in after clicking "follow", but I could be wrong.
Ross   said on  Saturday 4th June 12:31
Yes the tips were working fine for weeks then sundenly stop on 2 seperate accounts just with one tipster. Was first try machine, then trymachine again, then ardeal. Somethings wrong. When I log into both accounts again I have 2 select follow Ardeal again onboth since missing Williams tip. Have used this site for 4 years without any problem until now.
Craig 2   said on  Saturday 4th June 12:21
Simon, this is a surebet. Nothing more... I would like to ensure some money if Muguruza will lose. I also think Serena at 1.63 is huge value and I would have tipped her if I had no bet on Muguruza. (@tennisratings doesn't agree with me as Serena is priced 1.66)... I really hope Muguruza will win because there is my money, while Williams would make this RG a void one.
Ardeal   said on  Saturday 4th June 10:56
So you were logged in when you "Followed" originally? If you can send me as much information as possible to then it may help us solve the issue as it doesn't seem to be happening to many users.
Simon Linklater   said on  Saturday 4th June 10:54
Simon it's doing that thing again where tipsters unfollow. I have 2 betting kingdom accounts for different emails on my phone so I get alerts quick and didn't receive this on either. It's the 3rd this this happened :( can you please speak to your developer
Craig   said on  Saturday 4th June 10:48
I missed this tip also Simon. It keeps unfollowing tipsters, was doing this on try machine. Can you check with your developers please, it's very frustrating.
Craig   said on  Saturday 4th June 10:39
Is this purely a "prize driven" tip. If so it's worth telling punters. Seems a strange choice. Someone told me Serena is struggling with an injury and you throw away some of your value on Muguruza by placing this tip. Not for me.
BKTennis   said on  Saturday 4th June 08:02
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